Thursday, July 7, 2011

Introducing the newest members to our farm.......

Missy and Feather!!

Missy and Feather are half sisters and are 10 and 11 months old.. They are mini donkeys.
The two are inseperable as you can see from the pictures they never leave eachothers side.
They are both show donkeys and we hope to get them in the ring sometimes next year.
The boys were VERY excited to have new friends and were a little pesty at first but have been very kind and willing to share their space with these two girls.

Checking out the new grass!

Not too sure about getting out of the trailer

Heading out to the pasture to meet their new roommates

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  1. Oh my goodness adorable. Wonder if we could have one for a pet. Nevermind, mom said no
    Benny & Lily